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On your first visit to our website you will want to quickly know what is our mission.  We are using ART to help Children Around the World learn about Endangered Species.

Not for profit, as artists and designers, we offer a free arts project which slots seamlessly into school ART LESSONS.

Inspired by our founder’s Alice in Wonderland like Bowdleflode Stories, children make drawings of their own fantasy animal, made up of parts of all sorts of Endangered Species and we feature every single child’s artwork with their own free page on our website. We then link the school to support an endangered animal in a wildlife park which engages children and their parents.

We promote schools, link to social media, send a monthly newsletter about wildlife and get our rewards by receiving amazing testimonials about how we are positively affecting children’s lives.

PLEASE have a good look at our website and take part with your own children or with the school that they attend.


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Who we are

What we do

This free, not for profit, Bowdleflode Project champions cross curricula creative skills in children, combining the importance of both science and art in education. It emphasises the necessity for Conservation and champions an awareness of the importance of caring for Endangered Species in the UK and worldwide.

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Children are invited to follow on from reading the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ like Bowdleflode Stories by drawing, creating and describing their own fantasy animal, made of parts of other animals, especially parts of endangered species. These fantasy animals then enter the online Bowdleflode Zoo, with every child having their own free web-page and the facility to print their animal onto Bowdleflode Mugs or T Shirts; or Cushions, Clocks and other products.

We aim to build the biggest online Fantasy Zoo in the Universe from images submitted by children worldwide. This free creative project, which follows key stages in the UK National Curriculum, is being enthusiastically adopted by schools and is loved by teachers, children and parents alike.

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