What we do


The Bowdleflode Stories are often spoken about as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ like fantasies.  They describe life on a far-away planet.  Children, having seen the stories on YouTube or read the Bowdleflode books, are invited to create and describe their very own fantasy animal to live in the Online Bowdleflode Zoo. 

Each child then has their own free webpage where they can see their animal displayed with its full description.  It can be shared with friends, parents, teachers and grandparents and its very presence online often gives a huge boost to that child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Our mission is to continually try to broaden the education of these children, with Bowdleflode newsletters and new books, which develop their interest in nature, and also enhance awareness of the importance of conservation in their day to day lives.  We hope this input may, in the very long term, lead to careers in the biological sciences or the wider creative industries.

The Bowdleflode project is not for profit and intends to champion research and creativity in young children.  To enhance drawing skills, colouring, design and creative writing, and be truly cross curricula, yet easy for schools to fit into their programme, often in art classes, without upsetting their already very full educational commitments.

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