Bowdleflode Testimonials


 July 2020

Testimonial for the Bowdleflode Project

Bowdleflodes has been the ideal partner in supporting our school’s quest for Artsmark status. Tasked with raising whole school reading standards through the arts has certainly proved challenging; however this project has gone a long way in helping us to achieve this. Skilfully planned and easily adaptable resources enabled us to offer this as a whole school initiative, readily accessible to all ages within our school. The guided approach to research and planning meant that many of our pupils were able to tackle their ‘Bowdleflode’ independently during lockdown and feedback from pupils and parents has been excellent.

The plight of endangered animals is a subject very close to the hearts of our pupils and they have loved reading about ways in which they can help. This also ties in perfectly with our recently developed Nature and Conservation Area, housed within the school grounds, where pupils can enjoy nature and support wildlife at first hand.

Knowing that their artwork will be part of an online gallery has proved truly inspirational for pupils. Consequently, they have definitely raised their game: the results are outstanding. Over the duration of this project, there were many opportunities for pupils to reflect on their work; listening to feedback from their peers and making improvements to their final creations. I am very proud that our pupils have participated so eagerly – even the most reluctant of artists! I can’t wait to take a virtual tour of the Bowdleflodes Safari Park!



Julia Jones, Art Lead, Castle Hill Primary School


Portsmouth High Prep School

 February 2020

Testimonial for the Bowdleflode Project

Dear Mike

Here we go, just a brief one.

The children had a great time completing the Bowdleflodes project and it was a very successful addition to our curriculum. They explored their creatures through art lessons but found themselves immersed in so much more. Through their research into habitats and a variety of real world animal they gained an understanding of how endangered species face challenges throughout the world. A wonderful opportunity and one that was thoroughly enjoyed. This will be part of our year from now on.


Paul Marshallsay, Headmaster, Portsmouth High Prep School




 November 2019

Testimonial for the Bowdleflode Project

“Our Arts Award Explore group of year 5/6 children took part in the Bowdleflodes project earlier this year and produced some super imaginative work.

The fact that they gave their creature a name and characteristics really appealed to them, as did having their own page on the website.

The Bowdleflodes Project linked directly with their Arts Award Explore (Part A Inspire) which in turn links to our Artsmark application statement of commitment.

This year’s Arts Award group will be working on their own Bowdleflodes in the Spring Term and our year 1/2 class will link it into their class theme of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ in the Summer Term.

Taking part in the project and visiting Neil, a local author and artist and the founder of The Bowdleflode Project, have definitely been inspirational for the children and useful forms of evidence for both Arts Award and Artsmark.”  


Sue Hawkins, Arts Leader, Funtington Primary School




Katie Hoebee is the head teacher at Crofton Anne Dale Junior who were one of the first schools to take part in the Bowdleflodes Wildlife Project in 2018.  The school repeated the project in 2019 and this is what she has to say about it.




February 2019

Testimonial for the Bowdleflode Project

The Bowdleflodes project has proven to be a great success within my class. It has inspired their imagination and creativity and has been an enjoyable experience for all children. It has allowed for cross-curricular work as the children researched endangered species and broadened their understanding of what the term actually means. They then used this to support their designs.

The whole process from start to finish was straight forward and there was always support available via email if I had any questions or queries. I would highly recommend that other schools participated in this project as the satisfaction the children had to see their designs published online was a delight.


Liz Woodward

Teacher – Class 4



The Bowdleflodes Project has proven itself to be a really powerful educational tool that young artists, of all abilities, readily engage with. It is a playful and imaginative way to sharpen creative thinking, ideation and literacy skills, through active and reflective learning.

It is also a highly accessible catalyst for cross-curricular expansion because the central idea reaches out to Natural Sciences and touches on the ethical questions of animal conservation and habitat protection.

My students loved the books and the delightful illustrations, and they learned much about the relationship between author and illustrator; something that, perhaps, they had not realised before when looking at children’s books.

I would strongly recommend all Arts faculties to integrate this programme into their curriculum.

Vic Hazeldine
Arts Co-ordinator St. Helen’s
St Helen’s School, Northwood

  1. 02. 2019




September 2018

Testimonial for the Bowdleflode Project

We were thrilled to be one of the first schools to take part in the Bowdleflodes project.  The concept of the Bowdleflode Zoo allowed us to make meaningful links between art and science and gave the children a real purpose for their learning about classification, while raising the profile of endangered species.  By asking the children to create their own unique animal, we could assess their scientific understanding in an exciting and creative way.  The children were truly inspired once they knew their designs were going to be published online; it really added an extra dimension to the task they were given and we were thrilled with the quality of the children’s work.  Being able to order items printed with their design  will take it to the next level!! We can’t wait for our next group of Year 6 children to take part in the project and to see more of their imaginative creations enter the Bowdleflode Zoo.

Mrs K Hoebee

Head of School



Hi Neil,

I really loved hearing about your brilliant children’s project – the story, the art and the entire concept are all so engaging, creative and fun.

Here are the poems I mentioned to you earlier. Thank you for asking me to send them.

Thanks again,

Isabelle T

Author and Poet

5th September 2018



Nick Gibb MP, Minister for Schools Standards, recently visited the Bowdleflodes in their office to hear all about The Bowdleflode Project.

February 1st 2019.




August 2018

Email from The Head of Art  –  WOOLSTON BROOK SCHOOL, CHESHIRE

“Hi Neil

Hope you are well,

I have just put the children’s artwork from my school in the post to you for the online Bowdleflode Zoo.

The Bowdleflodes book you kindly donated was really well received by our primary children and they loved the story and thought Lauren’s colourful illustrations were really great.

Our children then researched the internet for ideas and I’m sure you’ll agree they have come up with some unique creatures.

Because many of our children may have low self-esteem, anxiety and problems when socialising with other children; it means that they seldom venture outside when at home.  Therefore, I’m particularly delighted with what they have achieved!

Thanks again for the great opportunity to be part of something that’s got such a wonderful message and to get our children thinking about wildlife and nature.

I am a true advocate of the importance of art in education and getting children to experience the great outdoors and to love and respect it’s frailty.

I wish you every success with the future Bowdleflodes books and if I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. All the best.”


Wilfred Woods      Head of Art.