Hello!  I’m Teepot.  I live in the Royal Palace in Bowdleflodeland and I’m the Head Butler and the Queen’s personal valet.  I trained on earth in the Royal Palace in Madrid and eventually became Head Butler to the King and Queen of Spain.  I speak Spanish fluently, of course, but I also speak English and Flodespeak.

I serve special Bowdleflode Tea.  I developed it by blending Sri Lankan and Kenyan tea but I add a touch of Bowdleflode Bergamot.  I recommend that it is served without milk but with a slice of lime.

Most butlers just buttle, but I also supervise the making of shortbread and Bowdleflode cakes in the palace kitchen and although I’m not called the Head Gardener, I manage the palace gardeners too.

As far as the people of Bowdleflodeland are concerned, I meet and greet guests to the Palace and make sure that I know about everyone so that I can help the Queen.

Her Majesty tells me that I am indispensible and that she couldn’t do what she does without me to help her, which is a very nice feeling!  She totally relies on me.