I’m Teepot the Valet

I am the Queen’s Valet.  If you’re not sure what a valet is, he’s a little bit like a butler.  Usually only very important and very rich people have a valet.  A butler usually works for everybody in the house, but a valet works for only one person and is there to look after all their clothes, making sure that they are always washed, spotlessly clean and ironed, and that the right ones are always where they need to be so that the important person always looks at their very best.

I’m a resident at the Royal Palace of Bowdleflodeland and I’m also the head Butler.  I trained on Earth when I was sent as an apprentice valet to work in the Royal Palace in Madrid for the King and Queen of Spain.  I speak fluent Spanish and English as well as Flodespeak and I just never stop working.

I serve special Bowdleflode Tea which I developed from blending Indian, Sri Lankan and Kenyan tea and adding a touch of Bowdleflode Bergamot.  It is delicious served without milk and with a slice of lime.

I also supervise the making of wonderful shortbread and Bowdleflode cakes in the palace kitchen.  I manage the palace gardeners too.

I meet and greet guests.  I always do my research and so I know about everyone.  Her Majesty tells me that I am indispensable to Her and she totally relies on me.

Welcome to Bowdleflodeland!