Svitac, which is Bosnian for firefly, is a foundation which provides a place for the youth of the town of Brčko to share creative activities and contact with the outside world. They believe very strongly that by doing so, they can play an important part in reducing tensions linked to sectarian violence . It was founded by an inspirational young aid worker from Scotland called Ellie Maxwell, now tragically dead, but it is strongly connected to the charity that she started which is now called Firefly International. Brčko is a town of about 85,000 in the north-east of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Sava river and right on the border of Croatia.  It was a major focal point of ethnic tension and war in the 1990s, but is trying hard and successfully to return to multi-ethnic harmony.   The foundation’s own website can be found here. The school’s page is here. The childrens’ drawings are arriving.  To see them, please click on their class name below.