Snow Leopards at Marwell

Bowdlenews No. 2 – June 2018


The closest zoo to our office is Marwell and they do amazing work with the preservation and breeding of endangered species. They are also incredibly pro-active in educating children and have just had their one millionth student visit their Science and Learning Centre which is hugely impressive.

We recommend visiting Marwell because they have some wonderful endangered species and adoption programmes.

Snow leopards are perfectly adapted to the snow covered Asian mountains centred on the Himalayas. Marwell lays various scents throughout their enclosure to stimulate the snow leopards’ sense of smell. There have now been snow leopards at Marwell for over 30 years and they have bred well, producing many cubs for the European Ex situ Programme (EEP).


Snow leopard have really thick, insulating fur and an incredibly long tail – up to 1 metre in length! Their tails balance them when they jump from rock to rock or chase prey. Their dappled grey coat gives excellent camouflage against rocks and snow – perfect when sneaking up on prey.