Sssssss!  Hello!  I’m Sally the Snake – Sssssss!

Hello there!  I’m Sally the Snake.  I’m very, very long.  Sometimes the Queen invites me to tea, and I love tea and cake, but I’m so long that if I do go to tea with the Queen, I have to leave half of myself outside because there wouldn’t be room for anyone else if all of me went inside.

I’m one of the reasons that some people call Bowdleflodeland the Land of the Great Green Snake.  I’m one of Her Majesty’s regular guests at her tea parties in the palace and I really am extraordinarily long.  I always have to leave my tail in the garden if I come in through a window or even through a door.  I’m over 6 metres, but I’m not the longest snake in the land as my husband, being male, is even longer.  My cousin Molly is, by comparison, relatively short.  And just in case you don’t believe how long I am, look very carefully at my picture and you will see that my tail carries on through the window into the garden outside.

Welcome to Bowdleflodeland!