I’m Roarie the Flying Bowdledog

Hello hello!  I’m a flying dog!  I bet you’ve never seen a flying dog before, have you?  Well I’m quite clever and quite funny too. I play the guitar and I sing sometimes when the Queen asks me to one of her parties.

Bowdleflodeland is the only place in the whole universe that my species exists and so everybody says that I and my family are very special.

In Bowdlelflode story no. 3, you will read how Professor Gett saves my life when I get problems with my wings and my landing wheels.  Special medicine is made to treat me and Alice (one of the vets) is responsible for working with the Elves in the Bowdleflode Cave to produce Antiwingrotics which manage to get me flying again, after being very seriously ill and disabled.

I try and make everyone laugh.  I never stop playing tricks and I also sing and play the guitar at lots of parties.  Unlike Joker, I have wonderful  teeth and of course that makes Joker very jealous, but…

…Bowdleflodeland wouldn’t be Bowdleflodeland without Roarie.