Privacy Policy – First & Third Party Cookies


We Bowdleflodes take privacy very seriously.  We’ve all seen how big corporations get hacked and people’s personal data stolen and we wouldn’t want it to happen to us and we don’t want it to happen to you.  So, we have spent some considerable time coming up with a Privacy Policy and implementing it and similar related policies to protect you (and us) as far as we possibly can.

It makes heavy reading, but we recommend that you do read it so that you understand both our responsibilities and your own.  You should also read our Terms and Conditions covering the use of the website, our Cookie Policy, your Right to be Forgotten, how to make a Data Access Request, Notification of Data Breaches and how to get your Data Rectified.

In addition to the main Privacy Policy, we also have a Privacy Policy in relation to Cookies.  To download a copy of our Cookies Privacy Policy, please click here.