I’m Postman Sam

Hello there!  I’m Postman Sam.  I’m a very busy man.  I fly around Bowdleflodeland all day long delivering Bowdlepost.

I haven’t got a brightly coloured van like the postmen on Earth, but I deliver all the letters and little parcels on my amazing Flybike.

The King and Queen rely on me heavily to travel in all weathers and sometimes for as long as 12 hours a day.  If I’ve got a big parcel to deliver, then I often take it to the Bowdlerocket Flyport and it is then flown to its destination on a jet-powered rocket by a Bowdlepilot.

I always make sure that everything is delivered on time… I don’t want anyone to miss out on getting their birthday or Christmas present on the right day.  I’m super reliable.

Recently I have had to deal with all sorts of new rules.  I have to check particularly carefully on everything coming from other planets or stars.  It’s vital to make sure that no new viruses or diseases suddenly arrive, so rigid quarantine procedures are very important to the health of all the animals and indeed everyone else who lives in Bowdleflodeland.