The Penguins need our help!

Bowdleflode News No. 12 – May 2019


Emperor Penguins suffering with climate change

We heard recently from WWF explaining that Emperor Penguins are really suffering because of climate change.  The penguins really depend on sea ice, but it is melting rapidly.  We very urgently need to pay much, much more serious attention to our planet’s climate and while there are more and more protests from both adults and children worldwide, we’d like to recommend that you register your own voice by signing the WWF Climate Petition.

 Meet the Bowdleflodes – at School


We recently visited a school, one of many thousands who are taking part in the Arts Council’s ARTSMARK programme.  It was great to find The Bowdleflodes Zoo Project prominently displayed in the entrance corridor with some of their children’s animals displayed.  They love The Bowdleflode Zoo Project; it fits seamlessly into their curriculum, links with Key Stages and is free to take part in. They highly rate it, telling us that it has given many children huge self-esteem to see their work displayed in FIND YOUR ANIMAL on the Bowdleflode website.

School gets Endangered Species sponsorship

Indeever the Snow Leopard at Marwell Zoo

As more and more schools take part in our Bowdleflode Zoo Project, this morning we had wonderful news from Crofton Anne Dale School in Fareham, Hants, that they have been given £100-a-year sponsorship, by a generous Bowdleflode supporter, so that the school can adopt a really beautiful snow leopard called Indeever who lives at Marwell Zoo.

Indeever is living with a male snow leopard at the zoo which is near Winchester,  and everybody is hoping that might have some cubs.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Fingers firmly crossed.

If you, or anyone you know would like to sponsor another school to help them adopt an endangered animal like Indeever in a zoo, please get in touch. It is a wonderful way to support Conservation and bring it to the attention of a big group of children.  A personal contribution can make a world of difference to the lives of a lot of youngsters.