Pangolins – The World’s Most Trafficked Animal

Bowdlenews No. 5 – Late August 2018


With every Bowdleflode News we bring you interesting facts about Bowdleflodeland and Planet Earth with features about Endangered Species. In this edition, in late August 2018, many people are away on holiday until September so we’re going to concentrate on another Endangered Species and then in Edition 6, we will announce the new Bowdleflode website.

THE FATE of PANGOLINS – Trying to help save the unique and gentle Pangolin.
You can’t help but find Pangolins endearing.

They’re about as aggressive as their two legged waddle makes them look. They look a bit like an armadillo, but they are a different species. In fact there are 8 different species of pangolin.

Their main defence against predators is to roll up into a ball and wait until the danger goes away. A bit like hedgehogs in England, but the international wildlife trade is pushing the pangolin to the brink of extinction. Demand for their meat and scales (for traditional Chinese medicine) is causing relentless killing and every year, tens of thousands of Pangolins are being trapped and butchered.

To tackle this terrible problem we need a well organized and trained anti poaching network, with the collaboration of national park authorities, communities, police, judiciary and local government.
Flora and Fauna International have done a lot to help with this problem (and also through another pioneering initiative helped to stabilise Sumatran tigers numbers in Kerinci Seblat National Park).

Support is urgently required so that expert teams can help to keep this enchanting, waddling mammal where it belongs – safe in the wild and out of the clutches of criminals.

The Bowdleflode team aim to help all sorts of amazing species so join us and put your own fantasy animal into the online Bowdleflode Wildlife Park and help us concentrate minds on the fate of Endangered Species on Planet Earth

The Tragic Tale of the Pangolin, the World’s Most Trafficked Animal