Newsletter staging

This page is specifically for testing newsletter signup forms, before going into production. It is not intended for public use.

Please test both logged in and not, using duplicate, invalid and new addresses and try clearing your cache, different browsers, mobile phones, disabling javascript and so on. Please include the word “test” somewhere in every entry and use that to search and remove all test submissions when done.

The current form under test uses Caldera forms to generate the form and (optionally) generate admin notification emails and on-screen success and failure messages and save results in the database. It uses Google reCAPTCHA and honeypot fields to prevent spam, and CiviCRM to detect duplicates, add new users to an appropriate group, generate a welcome email and synchronise subscribers to a Mailchimp group. Mailchimp (or optionally CiviCRM) is used to generate outgoing newsletters containing unsubscription links, handle bounces and remove inactive subscribers.

The form is currently unstyled.

This button generates a pop-up containing the form, which may be helpful for some visitors.

Here is the same form as embedded in a page or widget using its shortcode: