Meet Theo!

Bowdleflode News No. 19 – December 2019

The Bowdleflodes Wildlife Project started in June 2018, so we are now 18 months old.  We’re mere toddlers in the real world, but a lot has been achieved.  Not only have we attracted primary schools across the UK, but children from as far away as Australia and Bosnia Herzegovina are sending, or have sent, their fantasy endangered species drawings to us, and their animals have taken up residency in the BOWDLEFLODE WILDLIFE PARK.

We’d like to introduce you to Theo, who recently completed The Bowdleflodes Wildlife Project and here he is speaking to Bowdleflode Creator, Neil Lawson Baker and telling him about his Bowdleflode called ‘Hedgezippo’.

Tell us about your Bowdleflode, Theo

What does it look like and how big is it?
He’s made up of a hedgehog head, a rhino horn, blue antennae, a hippo body, a turtle shell and the tail of an African Wild Ass.

What does it eat?
He eats fruit, meat, grass, fish.

In what kind of habitat does he live?
He lives near a hot river.

And what’s his personality like?
He is mean and quick!

Hedgezippo by Theo – December 2019


Inspired by children and developed for teachers, The Bowdleflodes Wildlife Project is a FREE educational activity which teaches children (8 – 12 yrs) about conservation and the care of endangered species using art as a vehicle for learning.

Developed from a series of books by Neil Lawson-Baker, children are invited to invent their own ‘Bowdleflode’, a new imaginary species after learning about endangered animals and their habitats around the world.

As well as research methods, the project encompasses six key areas of the National Curriculum and at the end of the project, their drawings are entered into ‘The Bowdleflodes Wildlife Park’, an online safari which aims to become the biggest of its kind in the Universe!

Children love it, Parents love it and Teachers love it!

Our mission is to take this Bowdleflode Project worldwide and it is beginning to happen!

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