Meet the Team

Founder and Author

Neil Lawson Baker is the author of the Bowdleflode stories.  Neil is a retired surgeon and an artist, particularly interested in sculpture… please see his website.

Now devoting time as a children’s author, Neil is aiming to continue the work he was doing during his 10 years as chairman of National Open Art where he pioneered a UK-wide Children’s Open Art Competition to encourage creativity in children from a young age.

Neil, as the author of the Bowdleflode stories, regularly visits schools to read the stories and to encourage the children to think about endangered species and the environment.

With a worldwide programme of encouraging children to draw and invent their own fantasies and stories, these activities will further creativity in education programmes and, hopefully, at one and the same time, help to save endangered animals from extinction.


The Illustrator

Award winning artist, Lauren Alderslade, qualified in Brighton with a BA Hons in Fine Art.  Her work examines the innate experience of wonder that children have about the world helping grown-ups to see the world with fresh eyes.

She draws from this experience to create wonderful illustrations for the Bowdleflode stories, bringing Neil’s works to life.  Her work plays an integral part in inspiring young artists to create their own creatures and in recognising the importance of art as a means of self-expression.  She makes everyone fall in love with The Bowdleflodes.

Bowdleflodes HQ

Sofia runs the Bowdleflodes HQ where she oversees the day-to-day running of the office, making sure that everything runs smoothly. She also leads our PR & Events, using her background in the Arts to promote our schools programme and runs events to celebrate the work of our young artists.

Sofia came to Bowdleflodes as an experienced art gallery manager with years of curation skills and a BA in Events Management. Sofia also has a dedicated following on social media where she shares her expertise and impeccable taste in interior design.

Head of Learning

Michael has a degree in film and is also a qualified teacher of ethics, philosophy and comparative religion, having worked very successfully with children up to ‘A’ level..

He is also passionate about wildlife and is driving the development of the Bowdleflodes ongoing offering to schools and home educators to provide a wide ranging series of fun and informative cross curricula lessons relating to conservation and Endangered Species.

The Tech Guy

Sebastian is one of the busiest members of our team, developing our website and making sure that every child involved in the Project receives their own individualised webpage to showcase their own Bowdleflode animal.

He designed and set up Classic FM’s first computer network – the first classical radio station in the world to use digital audio, and was head hunted to run a specialist radio software house as a result.

He now helps run a hosting company and has recently designed a system for automatically detecting lameness in dairy cattle using new technology.

Blogging, Media & TV

Hannah is a graduate from Exeter University who is following her long-standing passion of working in Television.  Her current role at Good Morning Britain means that she is no stranger to early mornings!

With an ambition to become a children’s presenter, she is regularly taking part in the activities of The Bowdleflode Project and has produced some wonderful vlogs on her HanOnCamera YouTube channel. 



Project Advisor

Grace is no stranger to business, having initiated the launch of REGUS many years ago. She is also a experienced Speech and Language therapist, as well as a psychotherapist, specialising in PTSD and mental health trauma, working with horses.

Passionately interested in what we are doing, she is undertaking the voluntary role of a ‘Helicopter Vision’ adviser to help provide clear vision and steer the future development of exactly what The Bowdleflode Project can offer to primary school education worldwide.