Meet the Team

The Author

Neil Lawson Baker is the author of the Bowdleflode stories.  Neil is a retired surgeon and an artist, particularly interested in sculpture… please see his website.

Now devoting time as a children’s author, Neil is aiming to continue the work he was doing during his 10 years as chairman of National Open Art where he pioneered a UK-wide Children’s Open Art Competition to encourage creativity in children from a young age.

Neil, as the author of the Bowdleflode stories, regularly visits schools to read the stories and to encourage the children to think about endangered species and the environment.

With a worldwide programme of encouraging children to draw and invent their own fantasies and stories, these activities will further creativity in education programmes and, hopefully, at one and the same time, help to save endangered animals from extinction.


The Illustrator

Lauren qualified in Brighton with a BA Hons in Fine Art and is the very talented illustrator of The Bowdleflode Stories.

She has developed the characters in The Bowdleflode Stories and even turned some of them into wonderful colourful sculptures. She makes everyone fall in love with The Bowdleflodes.

The Marketing Guru

Cloe Barrett is our ‘Professor Digital’ marketing expert.  Living and working in Brighton and surrounded by creative people, she grew up surrounded by music and graphic design.  Her expertise and skills in reaching the media bring the Bowdleflode Project to the notice of thousands she has been responsible for our Partnership with Arts Council England’s ARTSMARK programme which reaches over 4,700 schools and is the only UK CREATIVE QUALITY STANDARD FOR SCHOOLS.

She can be reached through our office or through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, where she is building a huge collection of children’s fantasy animals @BowdleflodeSafari.

Her brilliant ideas, together with her digital marketing and social media skills, play an ongoing major role in the wide-ranging success of the Bowdleflodes.

The Tech Guy

Sebastian is perhaps the busiest Bowdleperson right now.  All of us inundate him with constant changes to the development of the website  and at the same time he enters all the new animal drawings and descriptions, sent in from children across the entire UK.

He designed and set up Classic FM’s first computer network – the first classical radio station in the world to use digital audio, and was head hunted to run a specialist radio software house as a result.

He now helps run a hosting company and has recently designed a system for automatically detecting lameness in dairy cattle using new technology.

He’s passionate about the Bowdleflodes and particularly their relationship with children’s art and Endangered Species.

Bowdleflodes HQ

Sofia runs the Bowdleflodes HQ and is known to us all affectionately as ‘Sofibowdle’.  She manages, designs, organises, dots the i’s and crosses the t’s and is the perfect PA.  Ask her absolutely anything and you’ll be amazed how quickly you get the answer!

Sofia came to Bowdleflodes as an experienced art gallery manager with years of curation skills and on a personal basis, she has a huge following on social media where she expresses her expertise and impeccable taste in interior design.