Neil Lawson Baker

Neil Lawson Baker is the author of the Bowdleflode stories.  Neil is a retired surgeon and an artist, particularly interested in sculpture… please see his website.

Now devoting time as a children’s author, Neil is aiming to continue the work he was doing during his 10 years as chairman of National Open Art where he pioneered a UK-wide Children’s Open Art Competition to encourage creativity in children from a young age.

The Bowdleflode Stories aim to engage children with fantasy animal characters and then invite the children to create their own fantasmagorical creatures which will all become part of a worldwide online zoo, linked to conservation.

Each child, and their school, are invited to support endangered species either in the wild or in zoos sometimes with the opportunity to adopt an animal.

Neil, as the author of the Bowdleflode stories, regularly visits schools to read the stories and to encourage the children to think about endangered species and the environment.

With a worldwide programme of encouraging children to draw and invent their own fantasies and stories, these activities will further creativity in education programmes and, hopefully, at one and the same time, help to save endangered animals from extinction.

Everyone can take part on www.bowdleflodes.com.