I’m King Harold of the Bowdleflodes

I am the King.  King Harold that is.  I’m married to Queen Charlotte.  The Queen likes to think that she is in charge of Bowdleflodeland, but whoever heard of a King being married to a queen and not being in charge?!

I found my way to Earth once, on a spaceship when I was young.  I landed in America and went to study at a university so that I could return to Bowdleflodeland to advise on how best to run the country.

I’m told that I was rather good-looking and I was at a party at the Royal Palace where I met Princess Charlotte and we soon got married.  When my father-in-law, King BOwdle died, my wife, the Princess, became the Queen and made me the King.

I work very hard helping Her Majesty with her passion which is looking after all the animals in the Bowdleflode Wildlife Park.