Supporting Endangered Species

The Bowdleflode Project has a mission to encourage both creativity and caring and helping Endangered Species survive on Planet Earth is very important. Many are faced with extinction in our lifetime.

Adopting an Endangered Species is NOT expensive and it doesn’t mean taking a Tiger home to live in your garden! It simply means that you pay a small subscription to be a supporter of one particular animal in a Wildlife Park and your money helps with its upkeep. You get special passes and can always tell people your special animal is perhaps, the Snow Leopard, or whichever animal you choose.

And here’s a link to Marwell, where you can adopt a Snow Leopard for example.

To see which species are in danger, please click here to go to the WWF’s website where the status of all major species are shown.

For an introduction to the different levels of threat, click here.

How bad is the threat?

Obviously some species of wildlife are threatened more than others.  Various organisations monitor the populations of the different species which is really helpful, but how do they get the information to us?


Well, they all report to an organisation called the IUCN – the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.  They have been compiling something called the Red List for more than 50 years, the idea being that red is for danger.  If a species appears on the Red List, then it is under threat.  Of course the levels of threat vary and so the IUCN has a series of categories which show how bad the threat is to each species on the list.


To put a species into a given category, the organisation assesses it against a series of criteria. If you would like to know more, then here are some helpful links. We’ve provided links to both Wikipedia and to the IUCN website. If you would like a brief summary, then click on the Wikipedia link. If you would like a more thorough explanation, then click on the IUCN link.