Hello!  I’m Ellie the Elephlode

Hello there!  I’m Ellie. I’m an Elephlode.  We elephlodes are very important animals.  Most of us live on the island of Eyemallalone.  Enery is my husband and we visit the Bowdleflode Zoo often.  Sometimes we have a sleep-ver at the zoo.  We love sleepovers.

There are only about 40 of us in the entire universe.  Our species is the only pink elepholode species.  We’re not sure why, but they say that a long, long time ago there were some albino elephants in Bowdleflodeland and that they were sunbathing one day and got very sunburnt and ever since there have been pink elephlodes.

When we have a baby, the pregnancy lasts 11 months, and because there are so few of us in the universe, we take very good care of the babies.  We eat mostly grasses and herbs, fruit and some types of tree leaves.  We are particularly fond of cinnamon buns.

You may have noticed that we have an eye on the top of our heads.  It can rotate through 360 degrees so that nobody can creep up on us from behind!

I’m married to the handsome Enery.  He’s my hero and I love him to bits.  We have a pair of twinellies called Casper and Lilibet who were born in 2017.