Elle the Elephlode

Elephlodes are very important animals and they mostly live on the island of Eyemallalone.  Of course they can visit The Bowdleflode Zoo whenever they wish to and Enery and Ellie can often be seen there.  They regularly visit their friends and stay overnight.  They love sleepovers!

This species is the only Pink Elephlode in the entire Universe.  The theory is that many years ago there were some Albino Elephants in Bowdleflodeland that became very sunburnt and went bright pink.  Forever after there have been pink elephlodes.  Others think it is the Bowdleflode water that has made them pink.  Whatever the truth, they are colourful and very beautiful.

The correct name for them is Bowdlephantine Elepholodius and there about 40 of them in existence.  When the have babies, a pregnancy lasts 11 months and they are very good parents.  Eating mostly grasses and herbs and fruit as well as some types of tree leaves, elephlodes also love it when someone feeds them cinnamon buns!

They are extremely friendly, have beautiful long tisks and amazingly have three eyes.  The eye on the top of their head rotates so they can see in all directions whenever they want to and its jolly useful to have 360 degree vision so that no one can creep up on them from behind and surprise them.