Creativity Matters!

Bowdleflode News No. 16 – September 2019


Arts Council England is saying it loud and clear… #CreativityMatters!!

Here at The Bowdleflodes Wildlife Project, we 100% agree that it really does.

All together now… 

Say it loud, say it proud – we can’t hear you in the back!


Art and culture is good for you.

The government now highlight this in nearly every major speech.  At the same time, the fact is that the world is very rapidly losing its Endangered Species, both plants and animals.

We aim to include these issues in mainstream education by bringing an increased awareness to young children,  using ART as our connecting medium

We make it both creative and fun but we all need to act NOW.


Longleat Safari Highlight


Eland antelopes keeping cool in the shade at Longleat.


This month we’re highlighting Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire.  Longleat is one of the oldest UK safari parks and in recent years it has become a serious player in the conservation of endangered species.  You can drive through very beautiful countryside looking at lions and tigers, wolves, monkeys, camels and rhinos, giraffes and zebras, but there are many other animal species there too.  It is a glorious place to visit.  You can feed the deer or feed the sealions from a boat, and there is quite enough there to keep a young mind very busy indeed!

If you’re in the area (or even if you’re not – it’s definitely worth a detour), please think about paying a visit.  You’ll have a lot of fun and be contributing to conservation as well!

The Bowdleflodes Wildlife Project…

is proud to be supporting schools and education settings on their Artsmark journey, inspiring children and young people to create, experience, and participate in great arts and culture.


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