I’m Cedric the Secretary

I have recently been employed by Her Majesty Queen Charlotte as the new Secretary to the Royal Palaces and I am now responsible for helping to advise the Royal Family on all sorts of policies.

I have built strong relationships with various governments on Planet Earth and I’m keen to help the people of Planet Earth to care for and preserve Endangered Species.  If you email the Queen, and she does love getting your emails, she will dictate her reply to me to send to you.

I often fly to England to help with talks about the Bowdleflodes at schools.  Perhaps you will meet me one day at your school.  Why don’t you invite me by sending me an email?

I look after all the records and pictures of all the fantasmagorical animals that you design and draw and paint and send to us to be looked after in the Bowdleflode Zoo. I really enjoy my job; it’s such fun finding out all about your animals and making sure that they are given the right things to eat and the right sort of cage or tank to live in, here at the wonderful Bowdleflodes Zoo.