Bowdleflodes Launch Home Learning Resources

Bowdleflode News No. 23 – April 2020

Incubate. Educate. Create.

Earlier this week we launched our NEW Art & Science home learning project, which is now available on the Bowdleflode website.

Our resources and Creative Creature project is free to download and great for all 5-11 year olds.  Encourage your child to learn about and have an awareness of the plight of endangered species in the UK and abroad whilst helping to develop their artistic ability.  Register now and keep your kids entertained for hours.  To see other children’s creations and inspire your child, visit the Bowdleflodes Safari.  If you have any questions please email hello@bowdleflodes.com.

Wildlife News

Nature is sending us a message…

With the Coronavirus pandemic and ongoing climate crisis, leading scientists have touted views that this is Mother Nature’s way of warning us all of the pressures humanity has been placing on the natural world.

Modern life as we know has been shut down, and as we all come to something of a standstill, we are able to reconnect with the earth and what’s important, wildlife has seen something of a liberation too.  Certainly on UK shores there has been reports of moles daring to venture above ground, oystercatchers have been nesting on deserted beaches, deer and varying species of birds have been spotted on once heavily populated woodland paths and tracks.

Perhaps you have noticed changes in your neighbourhood or environment? We invite you to share some of your findings with us, either send us an image or maybe Tweet us some information and we will re-share the best ones across our social media!

Bowdleflode of the Month

Created by Katelyn from Oakwood School, West Sussex, UK



Penguinpan is a Bowdleflode with colourful and smooth spotty skin.  It has a wet nose, a fluffy tail, two fluffy ears, two legs and two arms.

Their diet consists of fresh fish, fruit and bamboo.

Penguinpan inhabits areas near the sea, enjoying both cool and warm climes. It can live in the water and on land amongst the cliffside of coasts and can be found in surrounding caves.

They are by nature friendly, calm and shy. Penguinpan likes to sleep in the day but will come alive by night!

Thank you Katelyn for your wonderful new addition to the Bowdleflode Online Safari!

Have a look through our park for all the latest creations by the pupils at Oakwood School in West Sussex.

Teaching News

School visit to Bowdleflodes HQ

It’s been a busy start to term for all and our Head of Learning, Mike Hoebee has had the pleasure of visiting Portsmouth High Prep to see how they have been getting on with the Bowdleflode Project. 

Early last month, Art Award pupils from Funtington Primary School (West Sussex, UK) came to visit Bowdleflode HQ to aid their learning and progress.  They were able to speak to Bowdleflode founder and creator, Neil Lawson Baker and quiz him on all things Bowdleflode and his own impressive artistic career as a sculptor.  They were equally eager to see Bowdleflode illustrator Lauren Alderslade in her studio where she showed them examples of her work and the process she uses to create the Bowdleflode characters and books – something we are sure they will take away to use when completing the Creative Creatures task this year!

If you would like to arrange visits for your art class to Bowdleflode HQ please get in touch with us via hello@bowdleflodes.com.

The Bowdleflodes Wildlife Project…

is proud to be supporting schools and education settings on their Artsmark journey, inspiring children and young people to create, experience, and participate in great arts and culture.


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