The Bowdleflode Stories

Written by Neil Lawson Baker, the founder of the Bowdleflode Project, in August 2016 while on holiday in the wilderness of the Swedish Archipelago, these fantasy children stories describe the life of Professor Gett, an earthling Vet, who goes to space and meets HM Queen Charlotte of The Bowdleflodes.

In Bowdleflodeland, he becomes the head of her amazing Wildlife Park.  Each story follows his adventures with the weird and wonderful animals in Bowdleflodeland and the jolly characters that he meets there.

All the books are illustrated with wonderfully creative, colourful drawings by artist and illustrator, Lauren Alderslade.

Roarie the Flying Dog


Central to all the stories is Neil’s love of nature and wildlife and the need to protect Earth’s endangered species.  Out of this message grew ‘The Bowdleflode Project’.  The Project invites children to discover more about the plight of species across the globe and to create their own fantasy creature, which is then looked after in the online Bowdleflode Wildlife Park.

The stories are part of a cross-curricula educational project, endorsed by Arts Council England’s Artsmark and linked to key stages in the national curriculum, the aim being to bring into sharp focus the serious dangers facing so many of the earth’s wonderful creatures.

By addressing the plight of Endangered Species, as well as describing global warming, plastic pollution and other major issues in an entertaining and accessible form, we hope to help children find solutions to the problems they have inherited from us.

Cedric the Secretary

See ‘TEA WITH QUEEN‘, the first story in The Bowdleflode Series on

Here are a few of the main characters from the Bowdleflode stories that you may like to meet.  Click on their picture to find out more about them.

HM The Queen

Prof. Gett

Bozo the Bear

Cedric the Secretary

Ellie the Elephlode