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Bowdleflodes Relaunch YouTube Channel


Bowdleflodes Launch Home Learning Resources


Inspirational pupil nominated for Green Heart Award


World first cheetah re-wilding!


New Schools join the Bowdleflodes


Meet Theo!


Bowdleflodes Childrens’ Exhibition No. 2



Radios on lizards!



Creativity Matters!



Free Zoo visits for schools!


First Bowdleflodes Children’s Exhibition



1 million species threatened with extinction!

Bowdleflode News No. 12 – February 2019



The Penguins need our help



The Bowdleflodes become Artsmark Partners


Artsmark logo


New Arrivals in Bowdleflodeland


Baby Zebra born in UK



African Wild Dogs under threat



Rare baby giraffe born in the UK



The Importance of Bees

Pangolins – The World’s Most Trafficked Animal

Lemurs under threat

Baby Rhino born at Chester Zoo

Snow Leopards at Marwell

Baby orangutan born at Chester Zoo