The Bowdleflodes are published!

Bowdleflode News No. 41 – October 2021
Baby rhino following its mother through the bush with it nose millimetres from her back leg.

Bozo the Bear with Book 1 – Tea with the Queen

The Bowdleflodes Project encourages young children to participate in the process of learning about wildlife and in particular endangered species.

But, The Bowdleflodes Project came from the Bowdleflodes Story books and here they are published for the first time!

Read the amazing story of a vet going into space and meeting a Queen and the adventures they have! We hope you’ll be inspired to take part in the Bowdleflode Project and help wildlife and endangered species in particular.

By linking CREATIVITY to CONSERVATION the FREE TO USE project gets young children researching, inventing, drawing and making fantasy animals, all made up of different parts of endangered species. Children name their Creative Creature and describe it on a questionnaire which can be downloaded from

The project is used by many schools, both in the UK and internationally, as a fun way of teaching and learning, which teachers, parents and children can all enjoy.  T-shirts, mugs, and other fun objects can all be bought from the website, with each child’s creative creature printed on the them with the profits going to help endangered species.

You can find hundreds of children’s Creative Creatures on INSTAGRAM


The Bowdleflode Story Books, Colouring-in Books and Nonsense Poems are all now available from Waterstones, Amazon and other outlets.  This is an ongoing series, with new books being added regularly.

And all the whacky animals that live there.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed

The oh-so-cute Red Panda

When you see the humble red panda for the first time, you might be forgiven for thinking you recognise them with their large, wide eyes and tufty ears – they appear to be a strange mixture of cats, bears and raccoons rolled into one. They are actually none of these things at all! 

They are actually members of the Ailuridae family – a once common group of species that have been diminished to a single, red survivor. And these pandas are adored by their human neighbours – the indigenous people of Imawbum Massif (Myanmar) – a community which has done an extraordinary job of protecting them over recent years. But now their flame-coloured friends are in danger through human threat. 

The peace and tranquillity that once filled the forests have been destroyed in entire sections. The lush green canopies, once filled with life, are being swiftly torn down for logging. Tree by tree ripped down and replaced by deadly roads and railways. Red pandas rely on bamboo for over 95% of their diet, are now facing serious threats to their food supply. These gentle creatures are being forced to watch and wait as they lose their homes, food and shelter.  Something must change, before it is too late.

Through donations via organisations such as Fauna & Flora International, resources can be given to the indigenous people to help turn the tide for these russet rarities. These charming creatures have endured for centuries as other species have disappeared around them…With your help, we can make sure they do not suffer the same fate.

Fight against illegal wildlife trade gets £7.2m

Bengal Tiger in the wild

The UK government has announced funding for conservation projects to protect species including tigers, orangutans and pangolins.  17 projects around the world have been awarded UK government funding under Round 7 of Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund.

The illegal wildlife trade, estimated to be worth up to £17 billion globally per year, is a serious organised crime which threatens species with extinction, fuels corruption, deprives some of the world’s poorest communities of sustainable livelihoods and degrades ecosystems ability to store carbon.

The UK Government’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund provides crucial support to projects around the globe in tackling the illegal wildlife trade for the benefit of wildlife, nature, local communities and economies, and global security.

The funding granted by the UK government under the fund this year will be vital to bending the curve on biodiversity loss and poverty alleviation around the world.  There are eight projects in Asia, six in Africa and three in South America.

Bowdleflode of the Month

This month’s Bowdleflode has been created by Aiden!




Aiden describes his creation as:

“Very big, with a hippo head, panda body with tiger stripes, chimp arms, whale fin and wolf tail. Silky skin. Their favourite food is shark and they live in deep oceans. They are strong, independent and live alone.”

Thank you Aiden for your wonderful new addition to Bowdleflode Safari! ? ?