Axil and Carl – the King’s bodyguards


These two are the famous Bowdleflodes bodyguards, Axil and Carl.  They’re King Harold’s bodyguards.  They’re very strong and very fierce and fearless, but they won’t notice you, let alone hurt you, unless you threaten the King.

Axil and Carl look a bit like goats or antelopes that you might see on Planet Earth.  They have long and very hard and tough horns and they will bash you with them very hard if you try and hurt the King.  They are very strong and very fit and can run like the wind as well, so you don’t want to make the mistake of letting them think that you want to harm or attack the King.

As Bowdleflodes bodyguards, everybody treats them warily, but they are actually really nice and friendly when they’re off duty.  Sometimes they sing, or they think they do!  Not everybody thinks that they can actually sing – it’s more like a noise than a song people say!