Scorpio Hawk

by Anonymous

School: Crofton Anne Dale Junior School

Class: Cherry

Type: Insect

Appearance and size: You would usually see a Scorpio Hawk in the air or around cactuses. It might come out in the day, but it usually comes out at night. It is 50% scorpion and 50% other animals. Stripe-tailed scorpion.


Habitat: In cactuses and bones left over by animals

Behaviour: It would be up in the air looking for tarantulas like a hawk and when it finds one it will swoop down, hold on to it, bite it to paralyse it, then sting to kill it. It will usually come out at night and It also has good hearing to hear its prey. The snake-like tongue is a sensory organ used to explore its surroundings in the jet black night. It is a quick flyer and does its all to keep away from humans, but if it feels cornered, it will sting anything that threatens it.