Lady Butterbugly

by Anonymous

School: Crofton Anne Dale Junior School

Class: Willow

Type: Insect

Appearance and size: The animal that I have created is a mixture of lots of different animals and insects: the wings of a rare butterfly; the underbelly of a ladybird’s back; the body of a dragonfly; the legs and horns of a rhino beetle; a pony’s mane; the face and ears of a fox and a scorpion’s tail. They each have an antibacterial bubble around them which can kill any type of cancer.


Habitat: They live in hot boiling deserts and sleep underground in the night – they are not nocturnal.

Behaviour: Butterbugs are usually humble bugs and leave you alone if you leave them alone, but they can get very vicious sometimes and can gang up on you, and rip you to shreds.