by Mekan Vasanthakum

School: Crofton Anne Dale Junior School

Class: Cherry

Type: (Bowdleflode)

Appearance and size: It has jaguar legs so it can be speedy to get away from others. It has a penguin body to withstand even the coldest weathers. It has a bat head for echolocation and so it can detect when a predator is nearby so it can get away quickly.

Diet: My animal is a herbivore which means it only eats herbs and plants, so it does not need meat. It likes to eat dandelions and lavenders, but anything can be eaten.

Habitat: It can live in any condition. Its penguin body lets it survive in the freezing cold, but the jaguar legs let it survive in any heat, so it could be anywhere in the world.

Behaviour: My animal is very timid, so it hides a lot and does not communicate with other animals. It does not need to hunt as it doesn't eat meat. It mostly stays inside and changes house almost every day. It also is a very cautious animal.