by Lydia Jung

School: Omladinska organizacija Svitac

Class: Brčko


Appearance and size: Very elegant. All the colours fade into each other. It has long thin legs. It's only seen if it wants to be seen. It is very light, a bit bigger than a butterfly. You shouldn't touch it because it is pretty fragile. It has a colourful horn on its head.

Diet: It has a very strict diet. It mainly subsists on water and tiny purple/pink berries which are so rare that only the Uneemifly can find them.

Habitat: The first time it was seen was deep in the rainforest, under the treetop canopy. When they get older, they move into a completely different direction - the mountains. Due to their extraordinary structure, they can easily survive in the cold, windy environment

Behaviour: It is a well-respected and very wise animal. It reaches old age and is pretty rare. It prefers to live alone rather than in a herd and is always friendly and helpful. Also very loyal and humble.