Colossal Candy Cane Kraken

by George Knight

School: Oakwood School

Class: 4M

Type: (Bowdleflode)

Appearance and size: It's got a scaly snake head, a really long and strong giraffe neck, a big red and rough crab claw. It also has dark grey Ender Pearl eyes, giant rainbow octopus tentacles, zebra stripes and a blue-and-yellow lizard tail.

Diet: Six gill sharks, goblin sharks, fang-tooth yeti crabs, sperm whales, black swallower, colossal squid.

Habitat: Deep water, high pressure, hot water from vents, cold water, dangaurs.

Behaviour: A carnivore, changes colour, hiding, camouflage, pounce on prey, shooting out neck, poison, toxic.