Ultimate Ambush Predator, The

by Edward Bowden

School: Oakwood School

Class: 4M

Type: (Bowdleflode)

Appearance and size: It has the body of a leopard, the head of a hippo, the wings of a butterfly, ears of a hare, antlers of a red deer. It has eight legs and on its back it has a king cobra and a tree for camouflage.

Diet: Its favourite food is piranha and anaconda because it lives in the Amazon forest close to the river.

Habitat: Warm. tropical rainforests.

Behaviour: It is fierce, ferocious and dangerous. It behaves like a monster. It hunts piranhas by springing out from behind trees and rocks. It uses the tree on its back to blend in . As it springs, it howls ferociously like a monster.