Borneo Pygmy Hawles Fish

by Verity Kidson

School: Portsmouth High School

Class: Year 5

Type: (Bowdleflode)

Appearance and size: They are 40cm (including fins). His belly is rough like a whale's skin. They weigh 1kg and a female weighs 1.5kg. They are a variety of colours. Their main feature is their horn because they are useful for fighting other males.

Diet: My animal eats marine algae, molluscs, sea urchins and when they are on land, any nearby greenery.

Habitat: My Animal's habitat is usually in the ocean, but 25 miles inland as well (that's very rare). They need water to live, but can live without for 10 hours. They like hot weather, but love cold tropical ocean water.

Behaviour: My animal isn't nocturnal. They try mating with a lady. They are friendly, but they prefer to be left alone. The only difference between a male and a female is that a male has 11 and a female has 9 spots.