About the Project

Inspired by our founder’s fantastical Bowdleflode Stories, children create drawings of their own imaginary animal, based on their research into endangered and threatened species.   We provide every child with their own webpage to showcase their animal artwork and scientific inquiries.   Once the project is completed we link the school to an endangered animal in a local wildlife park or zoo to help the children recognise the continual work we need to do to protect threatened species.

We also have a series of themed planning resources that help embed the project within the National Curriculum.  Designed by teachers for teachers, you can be sure that you are fulfilling the Art & Science curriculum within a context that children will remember for years to come.

The project involves children worldwide, of all abilities from ages 5-11.  In addition, every child has a chance to be entered into the Bowdleflode Conservation & Creativity Awards, where we celebrate all the work done to raise awareness and together take action to stop further extinctions.


About the Project

Hi there,

You have just discovered a ready-made, creative arts and conservation project, perfect for your Year 5, Year 6 or Year 7 children.  Any age can take part and schools in the UK and abroad love this project.  It seems to be most successful with ages 9 – 12, but we have wonderful fantasy animal contributions from 5 year olds upwards.

Following on from the ‘Alice in Wonderland’-like Bowdleflode Stories (find them on YouTube via Visit Us – Meet the Bowdleflodes), children are invited to create, on good A3 white paper, a fantasy animal made up of parts from all sorts of other animals, in particular, Endangered Species. On a separate form, your children will describe their animal in detail.

Their work will follow key stages in the National Curriculum.

All entry forms can be downloaded, but if you prefer, by all means email us (see Contact Us) with the number of children who will be entering an animal and we can post you all the necessary forms.


The completed drawings appear on the Bowdleflodes website.  Your school will have its own webpage, linked to your website and your own social media.

Each child also has their own free page on the website and can find their animal easily in the Bowdleflode Wildlife Park via ‘Find your Animal’.

Finally, please encourage the children to find out about Endangered Species, ideally, with their parents.