About the Project


The FREE Bowdleflodes Wildlife Projects are educational activities for young children, promoting creativity and conservation.  Once you are registered and logged in we offer ‘Creative Creatures’ and a host of other free learning resources.

Developed by teachers for schools and parents, the projects deliver cross-curricular topics and learning experiences which encompass key areas of the Art & Science National Curriculum.

After learning about endangered species and their habitats around the world, children are invited to create their own ‘Creative Creature Bowdleflode’, an imaginary animal that lives in an animal utopia. They experiment with their designs before creating their final piece and describe their creature in detail.

Their creations are then entered into The online Bowdleflode Wildlife Safari Park,  a wonderful worldwide collection of children’s fantasy art works.  Each child is given their own free webpage which they can proudly show to family & friends.

Their art works can be found on the Bowdleflode website and on Instagram @bowdleflodesafari.

We are also developing a series of free themed learning resources concerning wildlife and conservation to help with home learning.

We will be adding to these resources on a regular basis. We would very much welcome your personal ideas and input so that we can provide material which teachers and parents find most beneficial for their children. Please contact us at


These projects involve children across the world of all abilities and ages.   They are also highly relevant to older children and adults, since artistic and scientific learning is a lifetime scenario and not age restricted in any way.

About the Bowdleflodes Creative Creatures Project

Hi there,

You have just discovered a ready-made, FREE, creative, arts, science and conservation project, perfect for children from Reception to Year 6 and for Home Learning. After some research children create amazing drawings of their very own fantasy animal made up of parts of all sorts of other animals, give it a whacky name and describe it in detail.

With parental permission the drawing and description then appears in the  Bowdleflode Safari Park. Children get huge self-esteem seeing their work displayed online, effectively in a free online art gallery, which can be seen by friends, relatives and the world at large.

Schools find the project both educational and extraordinarily enjoyable, fitting seamlessly into art classes with the content following the National Curriculum, integrating science, geography and creativity.

We also offer Free learning resources about conservation and wildlife which are very useful both for schoolwork and for home learning.

We regularly receive glowing endorsements from across the UK and abroad. 

Your school will have its own webpages. See SCHOOLS and ORGANISATIONS.